Millennium High School Parking Challenges within the Village Community

To all Village Homeowners,

The City of Litchfield Park and the Village HOA has had a large increase in MHS students parking on neighborhood streets nearest Millennium High School and at Aleppo Park.  As more students reach driving age throughout the school year the parking problem increases each month.  The number of student cars parking has increased to a point where there is no available parking during school hours at Aleppo Park for residents or citizens who want to use the park.  Waste Management and Goodyear Fire Dept. have both filed complaints with the City saying they are unable to provide trash and emergency services to the Village HOA due to impassable streets due to volume of student cars parked on both sides of the streets.  This past week a meeting was held with officials from both cities, school district, law enforcement and HOA to discuss the student parking issues.  Multiple items were discussed and multiple possible solutions have been evaluated.  Per the result of the meeting, several current rules and new enforcement actions will take place and be enforced going forward regarding parking starting Monday March 2nd that we would like to make the homeowners aware of.  Please read the below rules carefully.  Please refer all questions to our HOA Property Manager, Total Property Management 602-952-5581.


Parking Rules:

#1 Per MHS and AFUSD rules, any student driving to school is required to park on campus.  Off campus parking is not allowed.  No exceptions.  MHS is a closed campus and students are not allowed to freely enter and leave from campus during school hours without authorized permission slip from MHS administrative office.

#2 MHS has opened a new parking lot at the baseball field for students to park in.  There are plenty of available parking permits and parking spaces.  Students must obtain a campus parking permit from the MHS bookstore.  Parking permit will be offered at 50% reduced rate of $25.  Normal parking permit is $50 per school year.

#3 City of Litchfield Park will install 2 HOUR PARKING signs at Aleppo Park limiting parking to two hours max.  MCSO will enforce parking restrictions.  First offense, warning ticket.  Second offense, ticket.  Third offense, vehicle towed at owner’s expense.

#4 City of Litchfield Park is working with Village HOA to install Parking by Permit Only signs on streets closet to MHS.  Streets effected first will be all homes on Parkview, Sycamore, Elm, Grove and Orchard.  Homeowners on these streets will receive parking permits issued to them for personal vehicle use and for guests and/or vendors vehicles that will need to be displayed on the dash.  Homeowner’s are responsible for ensuring guests and/or vendors have the permit displayed.  MCSO will enforce parking restrictions.  First offense, warning ticket.  Second offense, ticket.  Third offense, vehicle towed at owner’s expense.

#5 City of Litchfield Park and MHS will install both some temporary and some permanent NO STUDENT PARKING signs on streets closest to MHS inside the Village HOA.

#6 MHS and City of Goodyear have installed NO PARKING, NO STANDING, NO WAITING signs on Park Ave.  Goodyear Police and MCSO will enforce these restrictions.

#7 All MHS students have been notified via school announcements, letters, emails and notices posted on cars that parking restrictions will be enforced starting Monday March 2nd.

#8 Any Village HOA homeowner that wants to allow students to park at their home is requested to have the student park in their driveway during school hours so as not to interrupt or block service trucks from Waste Management and Goodyear Fire Dept.  Any vehicle parked on the street must display the parking permit or be subject to law enforcement tickets and/or towing.  Any vehicle parked on the street deemed by law enforcement discretion to be a student vehicle will be ticketed and/or towed.  However, all parties involved ask that you refer to Rule #1 for the student parking.

Details on the Village HOA Parking by Permit Only and the Parking Permit passes will be forthcoming to those effected Village HOA homeowners.