Litchfield Park Code Compliance

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Litchfield Park Code Enforcement Compliance Officer…

The City of Litchfield Park’s Code Enforcement Officer, Lynn Webb, enforces the City and Zoning codes implemented by the City of Litchfield Park to enhance the appearance of the community for the comfortable and reasonable use and enjoyment of property by any persons and residents. Enforcement preserves and maintains property values, reduces crime, protects the rights of the residents, and instills pride in the community. Residents frequently asked questions and code violations are addressed to help residents “get connected.”

What are the most common code violations?

Common code violations include trash cans left out or placed on the curb too early and not removed in a timely manner; trash cans stored in view; weeds (higher than 6 inches); illegal signage; inoperable or unregistered vehicles; dogs off leashes; barking dogs; and, sheds being placed closer than 10 feet to fencing and/or property lines.

Can I park an RV, boat or travel trailer in my driveway?

Residents can park an RV, boat or travel trailer in their driveway for 72 hours for loading and unloading only and not on the grass or the street.

Can I drain my pool into the street?

No. You must locate the drain on your property or drain it onto your property and not allow the water to run into the street. The EPA considers pool water a contaminant and issues fines.  You can contact the water company at 623-935-9367 for the drain location on your property.

How do I report a green pool or mosquitoes?

Go to Maricopa County’s website at to notify the Environmental Services Department, or call the Code Enforcement Compliance office at 623-935-1066 extension 122, to report a green pool. Residents may also opt to use the Code Compliance Complaint form online at

How do I report a home that has been abandoned and not taken care of?

Call the Code Enforcement Compliance Officer at 623-935-1066 extension 122 or complete the complaint form online at

Why did my garage sale sign get removed?

All garage sale signage requires a permit that can be obtained free of charge during regular office hours at City Hall, 214 W. Wigwam Blvd., Litchfield Park, Monday through Friday from 8:00a.m. until 5:00p.m.  The permit is free and information is provided to residents regarding placement of signage and number of signs allowed.  We want to ensure that no signs are placed on trees (yes, some people have nailed signs in the palm trunks), taped to electrical boxes, painted posts, etc.

Can I submit a code problem online?

Yes, access and complete the form located at Resident Services > Code Complaint Form. The violation will be investigated.

Where do I find municipal codes?

The City’s website publishes municipal codes. Access click on Municipal Codes from the left column button and you will be redirected to the City’s municipal and zoning codes. Conduct a search on a keyword to locate specific codes.

Who do I call if I recognize a violation?

Call Lynn Webb at 623-935-1066 extension 122 or email Lynn at .

Code Enforcement Compliance Office Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.  Saturday 9 a.m.-3 p.m.