FAQs – Village at Litchfield Park


Q:  I’m thinking about repainting the exterior of my home.  Do I need HOA Approval prior to painting and if so, does the HOA have approved colors?

A: Yes, you will need prior approval from the HOA to repaint the exterior of your home.  The Design Review Committee has worked with Behr Paints to cross reference the original colors with Behr Paint colors.  The Home Depot at 1489 N Dysart Rd, Avondale, (623) 925-2896 has a book for the Village at Litchfield Park with your colors.  Once colors are selected, you can submit them with the Application For Design Review Form to Total Property Management for review and approval.  Total Property Management’s contact info is below.

Q: If I can not attend a meeting, can I review a copy of the meeting minutes?  If so, where can the minutes be viewed?

A:  You can view copies of the past meeting minutes by visiting the following page – Past Meeting Minutes.

Q: Can I video tape a Board Meeting?

A: Yes, but please be sure to review and follow the policy for Video Taping at a Board Meeting prior to the meeting you plan to video tape.  You can review the Video Taping Board Meeting Policy here.

Q: Who do I contact to report association maintained items needing repair?

A: You can send an email to our Community Manager – Lori Grove at LGrove@totalpm.com   You could also contact our management company, Total Property Management. They can be reached through their web site (www.totalpm.com) or our web site (www.thevillageatlitchfieldpark.com).  While Lori and Total Property Management will let you know how the issue will be addressed and can address the majority of items themselves, some items may require a board decision and be placed on the agenda of the next board meeting.

Q: How do I know when and where the Board of Directors meetings are held?

A: The meeting scheduled is included on each quarterly statement and posted on our website HOA Meeting Schedule. Signs are also posted at most of the community mailboxes throughout the community several days before the meeting. In addition, an email reminder is sent to all those who have signed up for community email. Meetings are typically held the fourth Wednesday of every other month but are subject to change as needed. Please check the website for conformation of dates and times.

Q: Does the Trash and Recycle Collection days change during certain Holidays?

A:  Yes. The 2018 Holiday Pickup Schedule can be viewed here… Waste Management 2018 Trash and Recycle Holiday Schedule

Q: How do I sign up for community email notices?

A: Simply email your name and address to the management company (LGrove@totalpm.com) along with a request to be added to the community email list.

Q: Do I need architectural approval to make changes to the exterior of my home, even landscaping?

A: Yes. Architectural approval is required for any changes to the exterior of your home, including landscaping. You will need to send a completed Application For Design Review Form to our property management company and receive approval prior to doing any work.  Completed Design Review Forms can be emailed to: frontdeskaz@totalpm.com.  We suggest you review the Design Guidelines during the decision making process so that your intended improvement falls within the association guidelines.

Q: Is overnight parking on the street allowed?

A: No. Overnight parking on the street is prohibited. Violators can be cited and fined. You are not allowed to park vehicles, trailers or dumpsters on the street overnight. Please report any violations using the “Rules Violation Report” available on the association’s web site (https://www.thevillageatlitchfieldpark.com/forms-and-maps) or by contacting the management company.

Q: How do I know whether it’s the city or the association that maintains a particular area?

A: You can consult the maps located on the HOA page of the association’s website (https://www.thevillageatlitchfieldpark.com/forms-and-maps), contact the City (www.litchfield-park.org), or contact our Total Property Management.

Q: I live in one of the gated communities. How do I receive my transmitter for the gate and/or a personal entry code for the gate?

A: Please contact the management company (See below) and they will provide you with a form and explain the process. The process can be completed by mail or the transmitters can be mailed to you.

Q: Our streetlight is out. Who do I report it to?

A: Report it to APS. APS maintains all street lights. You will need the number on the pole as that tells APS the exact location of the light pole. There is a link to report this on the APS website (CLICK HERE).

Q: If I have grass in my front landscaping, am I required to over seed each fall?

A: Yes. The Association CC&Rs requires all front yards with grass be over seeded annually.

Q:  As a homeowner, can I receive a copy of the HOA budget for review?

A:  Yes. To request a copy of the most recently approved budget, please contact Lori Grove at Total Property Management – (602) 952-5581 or LGrove@totalpm.com

Q: Do you have the contact information for Total Property Management?

A: Total Property Management
Village at Litchfield Park Association
4020 N 20th St, Suite 310
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Office: (602) 952-5581
Fax: (602) 952-7265